How do you discover new music?

SongCast’s Indie Music Insider covers music from an artist’s perspective. Of course, we’re interested in how indie artists get found. To get to the bottom of that issue, we turned to the artists we have covered to find out they find new music. Here are the responses from some of the artists we’ve covered or collaborated with through the past year to this question:

How do you discover new music?

“I’m a passive music listener, meaning I don’t actively seek out to discover new music. However, I seem to find new through listening the SOMAFMapp, or using Shazam while I’m listening to background music in TV shows or radio programs. I never go to where I’m ‘supposed’ to discover new music, namely the area that’s designated for it in say Apple Music or iTunes Store.”

— Boris Bengin, Renaissance man

“These days, I mostly discover music via hip friends and the occasional glance at a music blog.”

— Jerry James, Foxymorons

“2017: It’s mostly cruising Spotify ‘new releases’ or listening to artist radio on Spotify and looking up when I hear something interesting. Stereogum is the only music website I still check out from time to time. I also still hear about some new music from my Twitter feed or personal recommendations from friends.

“2007: It was mp3 music blogs, magazines, and friends.

“1997: It was magazines and used CD shops.”

— David Dewese, Foxymorons (check out their DIY Spotlight)

“Discover weekly on Spotify + Friends + going to shows.”

— Alyssandra Nighswonger (we talked to her about her project The Road to the American Woman)

“ I often discover new music through friends, films, or when my favorite artist promotes an artist they like!

— Briana Harley, Sallie May (check out their DIY Spotlight)

“I discover new music mostly via friends or through podcasts (All Songs Considered, Sound Opinions, etc.). Occasionally I’ll hear a song on a movie or a show and Shazam it, then dig deeper on that artist via Spotify.”

— Stephen Jerkins, The Nobility (check out their DIY Spotlight)

“I find music typically through word of mouth. Music is most compelling to check out if it comes with a recommendation from a good friend or colleague.”

— Allen Morris, solo artist and member of Alpha Particles (we spoke to Allen about How to Make Your Recording Session As Productive As Possible)

“Spotify is really great for finding ‘new’ stuff — usually releases by bands I like that I may have missed. It’s also a nice way to listen to bands before deciding if you want to spend money on them (or not).”

— Ryan Ervin, The Minor Toughs (check out the DIY Spotlight with Ryan)

“Mostly from Mike Shepherd, but don’t tell him I said that.”

— Currey M. May, Tower Defense (check out their DIY Spotlight)

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