Ear Candy Vol 10 – Recap – HOURS OF GREAT INDIE MUSIC!!


“Spotlight” is a music-intensive audio showcase, dedicated to promoting indie music from around the world.  This commercial-free and free to stream program features music of all types, distributed by SongCast.
Spotlight is a treasure trove of indie music.

Click the links below to stream the recommended Spotlight shows from the past NINE weeks of Ear Candy and experience True.  Music.  Discovery.
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Here is a recap from the first 9 Ear Candy Blogs:

Hip Hop:
From New Jersey:  Ashanti Ross.
From Norfolk, Virginia:  Chucc Dizzle
From California:  Jahleeo
From Memphis, Tennessee:  Smoke
From Oakland, California:  RodneyG
From Mayfield, Kentucky:  T.J. Crisp
From Victoria, Australia:  Antwon
From Schectenty, New York:  3ality
From New York City:  Queens Bridge Mobb

From Detroit, Michigan:  Barbara Kiss
From Singapore:  Breaking Solid Ground
From New Jersey:  Emily Bendock
From Texas:  Vee Gonzalez
From France:  Akuna Art
From Toronto:  Avril Victoria
From Florida:  Peggy March
From Antigua:  Keron Nicholson
From Toronto, Canada:  Dana Jean Phoenix

From London:  The Dust Coda
From Los Angeles:  Think Out Loud
From Toronto, Canada:  Big Crush
From Sarasota, Florida:  Horizons Fall
From Houston, Texas:  Fighting Gemini
From Chicago, Illinois:  Darryl Markette
New Zealand:  The Jacks
From Huntsville, Alabama:  Jimmy Speed

From Florida:  Simple Southern Boys
From Ontario, Canada:  Samantha Moore
From Dallas:  James Lann
From Macon, Georgia:  Ethan Payne
From Alberta, Canada:  Kym Simon
From Columbus, Ohio:   Honey Compass

From Perth, Australia:  Blue Shaddy
From Ontario, Canada:  Sonny Del-Rio
From Arkansas:  Akeem Kemp
From Texas & California:  Jack Alan Johnson
From Toronto, Canada:  Big Crush
From Calhoun City, Georgia:  Ace Canon

Heavy Metal:
From Sweden:  Fatal Smile
From Janesville, Wisconsin:  Bury The Enemy
From Sweden:  Agonize The Serpent
From Messina, New York:  Chasing Sokaris
From Sweden:  Fatal Smile
From Dallas, Texas:  Euphony

From Kingston, Jamaica:  Johnny Clarke
From Eliz, Jamiaca:  Shocking Murray
From Jamaica (Now in Canada): Razor B
From Riverside, California:  Living Stone
From London, EnglandSinger Blue & The Dubateers

From Spain:  Nacho Valenciaga
From San Antonio, Texas:  Sean Byrd
From London, England:  Paul Spong
From Germany:  SonicTan
From Buffalo, New York:  Marshall Badger
From New Philadelphia, Ohio:  Paul F. Antonelli Jr

From Youngstown, Ohio:  Asleep
From Billings, Montana:  Past Mars
From The Netherlands:  The Apers
From Bloomfield, New Jersey:   Kerry Anderson
From Indonesia:  D’Kross
From Rotorua, New Zealand:   Trojan-John
From Pontypridd, South Wales:  Climbing Trees

Rhythm & Blues:
From London:  Amia Franz

From Los Angeles, California:  Brian Haner

From Ridgeland, Mississippi:  Samuel Green

From Queensland, Austrailia:  Noxis
From New York:  DJ Tony Harder

From Monterrey, Mexico:  DJ Crazy J Rodriguez
From El Paso, Texas:  Andy Riggs
From United Kingdom:  The Vocoders

From Essex, United Kingdom:  Jamie Williams

New Age:
From Kenya:  Ambient AZX

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