Indie Artist Insider 001 – Starting Or Joining Your First Band


Starting Or Joining Your First Band

Welcome to a brand new feature here at SongCast, the Indie Artist Insider.  Every Monday, we will post a new video containing tips, tricks, and sound advice on how to succeed in the music business.  We will start off targeting those who are new to the music scene and progress into topics for the most seasoned and veteran musicians. 

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You have practiced, you think you are pretty good, you have exposed a few to your musical side, they seem to like it, and now you  are ready to break out and make a name for yourself.  Whether you will be recording rhymes and collaborating with beatmasters, or starting or joining a band, there are several things you can do to get yourself off to a good start.

The first is finding the right people to work with.  As in any job, working with people you like makes work a lot more fun.  Before committing a member to your band, spend some time with them musically.  Make sure you play well together.  Make sure you get along well together, enjoy each other’s company and can expand each other’s abilities and creativity.  Learn about each other’s musical likes and dislikes. Learn about each other’s visions.

Start writing, improvising, freestyling, recording some ideas together, adding rhymes or vocals to some musical tracks.  Recording your own music has never been cheaper or easier.  There are many free recording apps available and others that are reasonably priced and easy to use.  Use these tools!  Refine and save your ideas, so you can build upon them later and turn them into completed songs.

You will need a name for your band, or a stage name for yourself if you don’t want to use your real name.  Pick something that is unique, something that can be found easily using search engines. Using any kind of common name will make it very difficult for some people to connect with you online.

Make sure everyone in the band can juggle their day job, family, and other responsibilities with the rigors of being in a band.

Once you have a single or album worth releasing, you can start to perform in public.  Whether it be at open mic nights, opening for another artist, or just small performances for friends, it is important that you get used to performing in front of people.  These first small shows will help you to fine tune your Live performance and start to get you established as a musical force in your area.


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