Indie Artist Insider 005 – Forming A Band And Finding The Right Band Members

songcast-darkINDIE ARTIST INSIDER #005
Forming A Band/
Finding The Right Band Members

Welcome to a brand new feature here at SongCast, the Indie Artist Insider.  Every Monday, we will post a new video containing tips, tricks, and sound advice on how to succeed in the music business.  We will start off targeting those who are new to the music scene and progress into topics for the most seasoned and veteran musicians. 

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Indie Artist Insider, in this episode we will talk about forming a band and finding the right band members.

If you’ve been in bands and are part of your area’s music scene, you probably already have a network of acquaintances and fellow musicians.  If you are just getting started into being a musician and playing in bands, you will need to find ways to meet potential band members and see if you work together well.

Using social media, going to local shows, and networking with other bands are all great ways to find people to jam with.  More  and more people are producing beats, if you are a rapper, talk with other up and comers.  Networking is key.  Building a bank of friends and people you have worked with and want to work with  will only help you as you progress and become a professional.

It is important to be able to record ideas and easily send them to people online.  Learn how to use current recording software like pro tools and audacity, learn how to use tools like garage band and dropbox.  If you can’t communicate online and learn to share ideas and songs, you will have a hard time in today’s day and age finding people to create with.

You will need to determine what kind of material you are interested in creating, what genre or genres are you interested in?  Is your look going to be important and if so, what is the look and image you are interested in for this band?  What name are you going to use as an individual and what band band name?  

Band names should be unique and not common.  Searching for John Smith anywhere will be almost impossible. Adding a unique touch to a common name, for example like John Smith Liquid Machine would make sure anyone looking for you, your band, or your music, will be able to find you.  Always use a name that is unique and easy to find when people search for you.

You will need a place to practice.  Somewhere where you can be loud, not worry about neighbors, and take time to perfect any cover songs you are doing, as well as writing and rehearsing originals.  You will need to eventually record a demo of your new song or songs, again stressing the importance of being familiar with current recording technology.  

Finding the right group of people to work with is not easy.  It may take some time and involve a revolving door of musicians.  However, once you find the perfect people, you will know, the magic will be undeniable.  Being persistent, always trying to get better, always networking, and always striving to move forward, are key elements to getting your band started and thriving as an indie artist.  


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