Indie Artist Insider 019 – Expanding Your Territory

Expanding Your Territory

Welcome to The Indie Artist Insider.  Every week, we will post a new video containing tips, tricks, and sound advice on how to succeed in the music business.  We will start off targeting those who are new to the music scene and progress into topics for the most seasoned and veteran musicians.

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Indie artist Insider, in this episode we will talk about Expanding your territory.

You have released some music, had a good run with it, play great shows locally and have even done a few regional shows.  Now you think you are ready to to expand on your territory.  

The internet and the worldwide connectivity it provides can make this easier than ever.  You have, at your fingertips, the ability to network with countless people and turn them on to you and your music.

Before branching out of your confort zone, make sure things like your website, electronic press kit, and social media is fine tuned and running professionally and smoothly.  Nobody wants to check you out for the first time and find a bunch of political nonsense clouding your musical waters.  Unless a major part of your band and music is extremely political, flush that stuff from your brand.  

Network with bands playing your area.  Perhaps you open for regional or national bands.  Get to know them, become friends, and learn from them.  Many times, who you know is a lot more important than how good you are.
Seek out places to promote your music outside your home area.  Fanzines, blogs, podcasts, indie websites, there are lots of ways to interact with people who can share your music and message with people outside of your reach.  

Plan a small tour, going a little further out from your comfort zone each time.  Do such a good job that new venues will want you back.  Always leave a great first impression.  Find bands that are established in these new markets and see if you can open for them and introduce yourself to their fan base.  Offer to the the same for them if they want to come to your town to play.

Slowly, find ways to gravitate away from your home area, your comfort zone.  Make new fans, bring new people into your camp, expand your reach.  If you are dedicated and do the right things, it can be easier than you think.


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