SongCast Podcast – Episode Six – June 7, 2024

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Episode Six of our SongCast Podcast is live!
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(Some links may not be active before June 7, 2024)

We start off this podcast with some phenomenal indie pop, followed by hip hop, country, reggae, dance, R&B, Alternative, and Jazz.

This Month’s Featured Artists:

Malcolm-XX is a young, hungry, independent underground rap artist from Boston & Philadelphia.malcolm xxChicago is the mecca of indie hop.  Hittin it hard in the windy city is Levi Stress.leviPoland’s Fiord Souls get your soul movin’ with an incredible mix of pop and dance.fiordKeyKey Hairston checks in from Martinsville, Virginia with a mixture of R&B and soul.keykeyDonae Lee provides on of SongCast’s most popular tracks, featuring the one and only SNOOP DOGG!donaeKary Maggs voice is hauntingly beautiful.  “Memories” has a hook you will be singing for days.  katymThe future of funk is set up by The Drinks.  This danceable tune will get you up and groovin’!thedrinksFred Chapellier bring UK blues to your ears, in a tribute to the great Roy Buchanan.fredcCountry has never been more fun!  The Howboy Catts lay it down perfectly.howboy ladyDance with DJ Ultimate and you will not only get a workout, you will love it!dj ultimateThe Bugs Beddow band are road warriors and combine rhythm and blues,
blues, and funk to create a sound all their own. bugsbeddow3d

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