SongCast Helps Musician Perform a Social Media Makeover

As an independent artist, it’s important to remain active on social media platforms likechrista_gniadek_songcast_artistFacebook, Twitter and MySpace. But simply having a page isn’t enough. It’s important to make the most of these tools by keeping them up-to-date, integrated and streamlined. This post is the first in our Social Media Makeover series, in which we will introduce readers to a SongCast artist and walk him/her through renovations of their social media assets.

Meet Christa Gniadek, who, according to her MySpace page, is a Boston-based independent singer/songwriter. Her website, which houses information about her music and her production company, Maiden Brain Music Productions, says that Christa has three albums: a six-song EP Alone or Lying (2009), the full-length album No One’s Dolly (2010), and a two-song EP Hello June (2010).

Christa has several web properties:

When assessing existing web properties, it really helps to step into a potential fan’s shoes. How would they find out information about how and what does it look like through their eyes?

Step one: Google yourself. What comes up?
Step two: Ask yourself: Do the results that I see accurately portray what I want my fans to see? Does the information on each property tell the same story? Is it up to date? Is my image cohesive across all platforms?
Step three: Can you jump from platform to platform easily? Are there links on each of your social media pages to your other properties?
Step four: Can fans easily download or purchase your music or tickets to an upcoming show from any (or most) of your properties?

In Christa’s case, we spoke to her on the phone and found out that she has a new album called Get Me coming out in September, along with a corresponding album release show. Now’s the time to start ramping up her social media platforms.

Here are our recommendations for her:

1. Choose a cohesive image and theme to implement on all platforms. Christa’s website is a great starting point for her brand, so we suggest taking imagery from there and using it on her Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages. This can be a logo, a photo or a color scheme — anything that pulls your properties together visually.

2. Make sure your profile photos are similar in theme and style so fans can recognize you across platforms.

3. Update your events and information across all platforms. Make each page includes the most important information: the name and release date of your new album and upcoming shows. Make sure that links are available on each page for fans to visit your website and other social media platforms.

4. Tweet at least four times a day, and make your Tweets conversational with fans. Two-way communication is best to increase engagement with fans.

5. Add new content like “behind the scenes” information and photos with the “making of” your new album to your Tumblr page. Update your Tumblr page at least once a day and promote the page via Facebook and Twitter.

Using these five suggestions, Christa is going to begin to implement her social media makeover. We’re going to check back in with her in a month to see what her progress is like!

Tell us what you think! Have you recently revamped your social media properties?

Up next: How do you describe your music to potential fans that haven’t heard you?

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  • Music Marketing Chris 18 / 05 / 2011 Reply

    Really useful blog today guys.

    The simple vanity search can sometimes throw up a whole load of random stuff not related to your music.

    That’s when you realize calling your band “pink dildo” what not really a cool idea 😉

    – Chris

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