Best Email Marketing Platform for Artists

email_marketing_for_bandsFor artists wondering, “how do I effectively promote my music?” It’s time to start email marketing. Email marketing provides a clear channel for communication between bands and music lovers and can lead to an easier time trying to sell music on iTunes and other major music retailers. Through email, bands are able to keep fans up to date on recent music release, concerts and other events.


There are many email marketing platforms, but only a select few are geared towards promoting fan interaction for musicians. FanBridge is an email-marketing platform that works to help you produce interesting emails for your fan base, but also manages engagement. The management tool works with users to provide readers email campaigns that contain Facebook interaction, poll questions, incentives, sign-ups and more. Dependent upon your email marketing needs, the FanBridge plans are affordable and start from free to fifty dollars a month. With each level increase, the features and capabilities increase as well.

What to Include in Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a great opportunity to connect with fans on an intimate basis. From an email, readers should be able to learn about upcoming events, music releases, band updates and know how to connect via social media and the band’s website. Also, provide links to where your fans will be able to purchase your latest merchandise. Other things to include are comments from fans about the last concert, links to your blog articles and other suggested bands.  It is important to include different and interesting material each time to keep your fans engaged.

Use the above tips for email marketing to ensure your band is able to stay connected to your fans and other music lovers. For more information on how to promote your music or sell music on iTunes contact SongCast today.

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