Mike’s Friday Favorite Five April 5, 2013 and March Selection

Mike Wright from SongCast, here!  Here are this week’s Friday Favorite Five.  These five album covers are colorful and eye-catching!  Want to improve your album cover art?  Check out this article on our blog! Congratulations to these artists, and I will be back with five new albums next week!

Enlighten Me-Christopher Lloyd Clarke Im a Weapon-Lamontsa New a Day the Great Adventure-Crow's Feet Band  Un Giorno Sospeso-Elisa Luu

If you would like your album considered for Mike’s Friday Favorite Five, let us know!

Congratulations to this album (“Hard Times” by Steve Fields) for being randomly selected for the month of March to win a free album submission!


About Mike’s Friday Five
Each Friday, SongCast founder Mike Wright will select five of his favorite album covers from the SongCast library! These will also be featured on the SongCast BlogSongCast’s Facebook Page,  SongCast’s Twitter, and SongCast’s Pinterest boards!

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