3 New Years Resolutions for Your Band

If you make a few resolutions now, and stick to them, you’ll be able to promote your music far more effectively in the new year.

Three Resolutions Your Band Should Make!

1. We will keep looking for new distribution outlets.promote_your_music

Digital music – both downloading and streaming are quickly becoming the future of the music industry. As new websites and apps appear on the scene, you’re going to have more and more chances to promote your music.

Don’t be shy about signing up for more music distribution platforms. As long as the costs are low, any new content outlet is going to expose you to new fans, and there’s no telling which one will be the next big thing in music. So, get your music into as many systems as you can.

2. We will keep engaging our fans.

Engagement is the key for hanging onto fans and followers in virtually any industry these days, but especially in music. Your band needs to stay active in social media, keeping in touch with your followers and encouraging them to keep participating in your activities.

To a certain extent, the music business has always been about putting on a dog and pony show for fans, but it’s even more important today. Your performance doesn’t end after the second encore; it’s ongoing whenever you’re online and interacting with your fans.

3. There Will Not Be Public Drama

As far as we’re concerned, this should be the mantra for every working band today. Internal dissent was the death of too many bands even before the digital age. Today? There’s virtually never internal drama that doesn’t make it onto the Internet, which puts your dirty laundry in front of anyone.

So, seriously, do whatever you can to stop internal conflicts from growing into actual problems. Be reasonable and professional, and listen to everyone’s contributions and suggestions. Allowing drama to become public is going to damage your band as a whole, no matter who might be right or wrong.


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