The 3 P’s for Musicians to be: Positive, Professional, Persistent

Anyone who tells you it’s easy to promote your music and get ahead in the industry is probably selling you something. The truth is, getting anywhere as an up-and-coming artist requires hard work and real dedication. Bands don’t fail upwards for very long.

When anyone asks us what it takes to promote your music, we tell them that it boils down to the three Ps.

The Three Ps That Promote Your Music:

1 – Be Professional

Now, there’s being professional, and there’s Being A Pro. If you’re serious about getting ahead, you should start learning both. When it’s time for business meetings with people who control the money, dress up and be Mr. Responsible Professional like they want to see.

Being a pro means understanding the line between your stage\fan image, and how you do business backstage. A pro pays his dues when needed, and deals squarely with folks above and below them in the grand scheme.Promote_your_Music

2 – Be Persistent

A pro is persistent, without being a pest. Keep looking for new ways to get heard. Look for any opportunity to play, especially at new venues.  Get your demo into the hands of anyone who might fund it. A rich indie music scene means there’s virtually always somewhere new to promote your music with new fans to impress.

3 – Be Positive

A positive and upbeat attitude offstage and backstage is a necessity to get ahead in music. Never take setbacks to heart. It sounds cheesy, but looking at mishaps as learning opportunities does help. If you’ve got a band, work on keeping morale high. An unhappy band becomes poisonous quickly.

Be especially positive on your various social media sites. Unless it’s actually part of your stage persona, never get hostile with people online. Ever. Arguing with fans never works out well. If you respond to criticism, be upbeat, positive, and focused on getting better.

Keep Spreading The Word To Promote Your Music

There’s honestly no shortcut to success. Persistence, positive thinking, and professionalism are the three key attributes in any group that makes it into music.


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