Looking Back on 2014’s New Indie Musicians

indie musiciansThe year’s end is nearly here, and that means it’s time for the inevitable 2014 wrap-ups. Indie musicians are flourishing across the industry, and there’s more opportunity today for a smaller act to get noticed than ever before.

While you’re waiting for your chance in the spotlight, why not check out a few of the hottest new indie acts you might have missed?

Three Indie Musicians Hitting The Big Time In 2014


The Phantom Band

This Glasgow-based group has been making a name for itself on the European tour scene in the last couple years, and with a couple self-produced albums. However, their release of “Strange Friend” has really put them on the map as one of the best-reviewed indie albums of the year.

The Phantom Band gleefully mixes up rock and Euro-folk to create something that’s somewhere between The Proclaimers and Flogging Molly, with a bit of everything in-between.

Ex Hex

Ex Hex is indie darling Mary Timony’s new band, taking its name from one of her solo albums from a few years back.  They’ve been in existence for barely a year, but their first album, “Rips,” is standing out as great pure garage-pop. It’s hard to listen to Timony’s voicals and guitar work without thinking of Joan Jett, and their work has a similar good old rock n’ roll appeal.

Look for good things from them in the coming year.

Speedy Ortiz

While this band has been around for a few years, 2014 saw the release of their new EP “Real Hair” and a more focused sound. The rambling weirdness of previous albums has been reigned in, allowing the band to focus on Sadie Dupuis‘ clever vocals and their trademark dense sound design.

“Real Hair” has four of the best tracks released last year, and it bodes well for their future releases.

Who’s Going To Be Big In 2015?

We’ve all got our pet favorite indie bands. Which ones do you have an eye on, and have a good chance of hitting the big time next year?

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