Best Music Apps from 2014

With New Years coming up fast, it’s time to talk about the world of app-based musicians resources and how quickly mobile music production is growing as a field.  Today, someone with a tablet -especially running iOS– already has nearly everything they need to produce great music.

So without further ado, let’s talk about some of the best music apps of the year!

Musicians Resources: Three Must Have Apps From 2014

1.  Musyc / Musyc Pro (iOS)

Whether you get the $4 “pro” version or demo the free version first, Musyc is our pick for the most FUN music app of the year.  It offers a range of freeform, artistic, and even physics-based toys and composing tools, at a price anyone can afford.

It’s not a traditional sequencer, but we could see people working this into their live show with AirPlay sharing.

2. Cakewalk Z3TA+ (iOS)

It’s one of the best-known and best-loved music creation studios in the world, it’s on iOS, and it’s only $19.99.  What else do you need?  With more than 500 presets, advanced sound shaping, and full AudioBus integration, Cakewalk Z3TA+ is a no-brainer for iOS musicians.

3.  DJ Studio 5 (Android) 

Android definitely isn’t as good for mobile music production as iOS, but it has its share of good apps.  DJ Studio 5 is a robust, full-featured, and almost entirely free turntable/mixing app that’s perfect to break out at parties.  Only the skins cost money, making this a great option for budget-stretched DJs on modern Android devices.

Honorable Mention:  KORG DSN-12 (3DS)

Yes, 3DS.  This surprising offering from KORG creates an amazing standalone synthesizer package that fits onto any offering in Nintendo’s ever-growing 3DS line.  There’s a huge range of potential sounds, and you can even use the touchscreen as a KAOSS pad.  Plus, the truly 3D oscilloscope is a wonder to behold.

The big downside is that DSN-12 has very limited sharing capabilities.  An upload\download feature would have made this a must-have, especially for chiptune artists.  Still, it’s fun.

So, there you have it.  What apps are you likely to buy in the new year?

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