Why Should Your Music be on iTunes?

SongCastHave you gone digital?  If not, 2015 is definitely the time to start, and the place to start is iTunes.  Selling music on iTunes is now a better bet than physical albums.

After all, if you haven’t looked at the numbers for 2014, physical sales have been dropping all year.  People are moving to downloading (and streaming) services in record numbers, and it’s looking unlikely that nostalgia will keep the physical market around for too much longer.

There will probably always be a niche market for physical goods, but that will be a sideline reserved largely for “Special Edition” packages.

Otherwise, selling music on iTunes makes a lot more sense…

Why You Should Sell Music On iTunes In 2015

1 – The Biggest Market Share

iTunes currently holds at least 2/3 of all digital music sales. There’s simply no real competition here. Distributing your music on iTunes will get you the most exposure, and give you the best opportunities at gaining new online fans.

There’s something to be said for also embracing niche services, but those should be a back-burner project.

(Or, just sign up for all of them at once the quick and easy way!)

2 – Streaming Radio Access

Steaming services are becoming more popular among consumers, and it may be unavoidable despite the revenue problems this causes.  However, Apple’s iTunes Radio is quickly becoming a major player in streaming radio, likely because of how it’s bundled into iOS and MacOS releases.

And if you’re in the iTunes store, you’re eligible to apply for their radio services.  Getting onto iTunes radio would be a huge listener boost.

3 – Better Numbers To Crunch

Apple’s store gives sellers a huge amount of day-to-day data on views, downloads, purchases, and more.  For those looking to improve their marketing and outreach, this can be invaluable for fine-tuning strategies.  For the more business-minded, this alone is a compelling reason to sell music on iTunes.

And you need to be business-minded to survive in indie music today, especially if you want to quit your day job.

So, where do you think the digital market will go in 2015?

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