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One of the biggest challenges facing a musician today is finding a way to stand out in a crowded music scene. After all, copycat bands with nothing to distinguish them from a dozen others in their genre will never get anywhere. The trick is fitting into a niche while still having something that marks your music as different and special.

If you can find your own unique style – then hold onto it – you’ll have a lot better chance of getting noticed musically.

How A Musician Can Find And Define Their Unique Style

1 – What makes your act unique?

Honestly, what does make you different from other similar bands? Do you have better harmonies? Funkier drumbeats? Better fashion sense? Unusual instrumentation?

Give a listen to some other bands in your genre and try to come up with a list of things that make you different. Those will be the elements that you want to emphasize when making music or promoting yourself.

2 – Play to your strengths.

Another reason it’s a good idea to figure out what makes your music different is it tells you a lot about where your musical strengths lie. No two bands are totally equal in terms of talent. Some might have better songwriting or a better drummer. The elements that set you apart will usually be some of your strongest features.

So emphasize those, rather than trying to do what others are doing.

3 – Ask your fans.

Fans love telling their favorite bands what they think. When in doubt, go to the people who are actually paying for your music. If you ask your fans why they prefer you to Band X, you might be surprised at some of the answers you receive. But those answers will tell you a lot about how you’re perceived and what your fans really appreciate about your act.

It’s vital for a musician today to have a strong sense of self identity so they can turn that into a better public perception. By knowing what makes your musical style uniquely yours you can focus on what makes you truly stand out.

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    Sounding differently is the goal…

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