Summer Music Trends 2015

Relaxing by the pool, taking a few road trips and maybe even working on some new music with the band are presumably a few things on the to-do list this summer. If you’re getting back to the drawing board to write and record some new tunes, you’ll want to keep in mind this summer’s hottest music trends.

Apple Music

Apple Music was launched on July 1 and has a three-month free trial run. It got off to a somewhat rocky pre-start after Taylor Swift Twitter-shamed Apple for not paying artists during the trial months. However, Apple responded and all seems to have calmed down. The feature allows experts to curate playlists and suggest new music for the listener for $9.99 per month, and the user can add any song, album or video to their library—and design playlists and save them for offline listening. You tell them what genres and bands you prefer, and they deliver suggestions based off your favorites. It seems like a great tool for summer listening and gaining inspiration from other artists!

Country with a pop/hip-hop flair

We’ve been noticing that a lot of country songs on the radio these days don’t sound quite so acoustic or raw anymore. Many artists like Jason Aldean (see: “Burnin’ It Down”) have incorporated some pop-sounding beats into their normally quite acoustic tracks. Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” also features a stream of spoken lyrics that hints at a wisp of rap. Some enjoy this new country sound, while others don’t—but it’s a good example of music trends that you may want to try out in your own songwriting and performing.

Music Festivals—even right from your computer

Can’t make it to your favorite summer music festival? Try streaming it online. Now, there are services available online so you won’t miss your favorite acts, even if they are playing at a festival across the country. Sites like Live Media Group stream events right to your computer—so even if you can’t make it, you may not actually miss it entirely. However, there are many music festivals lined up across the globe this summer, so whether you want to get inspired at the All Good Music Festival 2015 in West Virginia or the Northwest String Summit in Oregon, there’s a music festival for you.

So, what music trends have you noticed this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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