Top 3 Indie Friendly Blogs to Promote Your Music

When asking the question “How do I sell music online?” many musicians find the answer in blogs. Starting your own website or blog is important for your band, but getting featured on other blogs could be a huge career boost as well. These three blogs are influential in the indie music scene, and they all accept submissions for songs from indie artists themselves.

1. Consequence of Sound

Founded in 2007 out of Chicago, Consequence of Sound has since gained a monthly readership of over 9 million. It is largely considered an indie tastemaker, and being featured on the page would be a huge victory for any artist. A whole section of their website is dedicated to new music, and they write features about local artists from all over the world. On the website, you will also find album, concert, and music festival reviews, and a Top Songs of the Week list.  In order to submit music to be considered for their blog, simply look at their ‘About Us’ page, where you can find links to submit mp3s, to ask about advertising, and for publicity questions.

2. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is a music discovery blog that has about 2 million monthly readers. When you visit the website, you can scroll through new songs, see what’s popular this week, or this month, and find radio stations categorized by genre that shuffle through some of the best new indie material. The site also highlights artists to watch, and the best music of the month.

Submitting music to Indie Shuffle is about as easy as it can get. You simply click the ‘submit music’ link, and you are taken to a page that provides an email address for artists who want to premiere their music on Indie Shuffle, and an email address for artists who simply want to submit a song or album. They also suggest tweeting them @indieshuffle, and downloading their mobile app.

3. FACT Magazine

What started out as a printed magazine is now a successful online blog. It is UK based, but features indie musicians from all over the world. They post indie news, reviews of new music, and write features on up-and-coming artists. They also have their own mixes of different songs, and provide lists of the latest, best music and “under-the-radar” hits. Their website offers links to submit music, promos, news articles, advertising, and to ask general questions.

Now that you know about three great Indie blogs that can promote your music, how can you increase the chance that they will actually decide to post your music? Obviously you need great music that sets you apart from the crowd, but there are some more subtle things you can do as well. Just checking your e-mail for correct spelling and grammar is hugely important – everyone hates typos, and they look very unprofessional. Also, ensure your music is in mp3 format and is easily downloadable. If you make getting to your music a hassle, it’s likely that editors will give up and move on. The e-mail or message you send should also be personalized and individual. No one likes being spammed, so take the time to find out something about the person or blog you’re contacting, and never send out an e-mail blast.

We hope this information will help you answer the question “How do I sell music online?” and you will be on your way to stardom in no time at all. For more information about indie music, news, and advice on how to sell your songs, follow our blog!

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