Manage Your Own Career

Record labels and music distribution companies have a whole host of people managing their business from day to day. As an indie musician, you might not have access to these resources – but you do still need to be able to successfully manage your career. Keep reading to find out how to be your own manager, and succeed while doing it.


Studies have shown that if your goals are written down, you are more likely to achieve them. Think of what you want to accomplish in the short, medium, and long term, write it down, and plan how you’re going to achieve it. Do you need to book more gigs, build relationships with industry insiders, raise money to pay for studio time, plan a tour, or all of the above? Plan out step-by-step how you will get this done.

Spend money wisely

Spending money wisely isn’t just about sticking to a budget, although that is an important part of it. Make sure you are only spending money on things that are effective, and will provide you with a return on your investment. You might really want that expensive new equipment, but it might not make a significant difference in the quality of your music. Producing an album might seem like a good investment, but if you haven’t grown your fan base enough before releasing it, it could flop.

Use all available data

As a manager, you have access to a lot of information about how your music is performing. First, look at data from your live shows. At which shows did you sell the most tickets and merchandise, where were they, who went to them, and why? Keep track of sales and attendance at different gigs to recognize trends. You are also in charge of your band’s social media account and website, and will need to analyze what’s happening on these pages. You should be aware of what content has been shared and has the most engagement. Using simple tools that Google Analytics provides for free will give you invaluable feedback on how you’re performing.


Everyone always talks about how important networking is for a career. But what does it actually mean? Networking is not about going to mixers or events and meeting people who will magically present opportunities. The goal is to reach out to people, finding out how you can help them, and building a strong relationship that will provide value in the future. Figure out how you can help the people you know in the industry, such as venue coordinators, producers, and other indie bands, and you will find countless opportunities for your own career.

Make great music

Managing a musician’s career can be overwhelming, even if you’re managing yourself. However, being successful as a manager is a lot easier when the music you are promoting is great. Always be sure to make time for doing what you love to do, and make amazing records.

With this guide, we’re sure you will have no problems being your own manager. If you want to find out more about music distribution companies and Indie music news, follow our blog!

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