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songcast_artistsIf you’ve been performing around the same circuit for a while, you may have noticed the same musicians time and time again. Have you ever considered establishing a relationship with them? If not, consider this: they’re not your competition; they’re your allies. In the modern music world, collaboration is better than competition. As an independent artist, it’s important to establish partnerships across the board, not only with your fans and potential business partners. Create partnerships with fellow musicians to further your career—and theirs.

Once you’ve established a good friendship with several artists, consider using your relationships to your advantage. Here are some ways you can work together:

  • Book a show together: One great way to use your partnerships with other musicians is by booking a show together. This will expose your audience to a new act, while you get a few of the other band’s fans to give your music a chance, as well. When doing this, keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your audience and be sure to work with an act that will fit within your fans’ musical taste.
  • Cross-Promote: Once you’ve booked a show with another act, be sure that both of you reach out to your mailing lists to cross-promote the show. Do the same via your social media outlets and blogs.
  • Add-ons: Make the most of the opportunity to reach a new fan base by offering them exclusive MP3s, calls to action (sign up to your mailing list) and links to new content like “behind the scenes” blog posts and background information about how the two of you started working together.
  • Swap shows: If an artist has a relationship with a venue in a city that you don’t, and vice versa, consider helping the artist book a show with your venue in return for a slot at theirs. This will help you establish relationships at new venues and fans in new cities.
  • Record a song: Take your new collaboration one step further. If you find that your new partnership is going exceedingly well, consider recording a song together. This is another great way to reach the other artist’s audience, and further your collaboration together.

Remember that other artists are a gateway to a new audience. Treat them as allies, establish partnerships with them and collaborate when possible. Work together to reach new fans.

What do you think? Have you collaborated with another artist? What were the results?

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  • Music Promotion Chris 03 / 05 / 2011 Reply

    I also like to do fan mailing list swaps, so you would set up a free music offer and give it to both set of fans.

    – chris

  • Idalia 22 / 06 / 2011 Reply

    That’s going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

  • CRYSTAL SMITH 10 / 08 / 2011 Reply

    I think I’s great that cross promoting gives band members and artist a platform to be introduce to new sounds of new music and style my artist is Scrags song call Bang Ya Head check it out.

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