Let Your Personality Come Through In Your Messaging

Let Your Personality Come Through In Your Messaging

Messaging_reflecting_personalityYou’re up on all the best marketing tactics. You have your website, your social media pages, and monthly fan newsletter — and you use them all with ease. Whether or not you know it, you’re also creating (or refining) your image as an artist or band.

A large part of your brand as an artist is comprised of your “messaging” – the words you use on your website, social media pages and in your newsletter. So it’s worth asking: does your messaging reflect your personality as a musician or band? And is it authentic?

The concept of authenticity has come up often, and across a range of genres. Bands have been criticized over the years for their lack of authenticity. They’ve been called a poser, a fake, or a sell out because they tried to be something they are not.

  •  What is authenticity? It’s the degree to which you remain true to your personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures.
  •  Why is authenticity important? Because your fans can smell a fake from a mile away. If your messaging is consistent and reflects the true personality of the band or artist, it will guide many partnerships and decisions you make moving forward.
  •  Think: If Bruce Springsteen, who is widely regarded as a musician that represents the American working class, appeared in an ad for expensive Rolex watches – which many of his fans could never afford to buy. It’s not authentic, and his fans would certainly call him out for it.

When creating your messaging, don’t go for canned wording that attempts to appeal to everyone. Think about the way you really speak, and act, and what you stand for. Let your personality come through in your messaging. If you are a punk, then your messaging should be, too.

Tell us what you think! Is it hard for you to create messaging that reflects your personality?

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