Take a Trip! Why a Change Will Do You Good

We’re seven months into the year and you’ve been working, working and working. The view from your studio leaves much to be desired (if you had a window, that might help) and you’ve been eating the same sandwich from the same take out joint for ten days in a row.

To make matters worse, when you try to come up with a bridge for the song you’ve been working on for three months, you just can’t. And lyrics are hard to come by. What’s the deal?

Vacation_TimeSounds like you need a vacation. Taking a vacation is not only fun, it’s important. It will help you keep the creative energy going, and it might even help you live longer. Here are some good reasons to take a vacation:

  • Vacations will keep you healthy: It’s true. Workers who take vacations often experience improvements in their quality of sleep and mood, even long after their trip. Vacations also help relieve stress, and less stress means more health.
  • Vacations promote creativity: They can help us recharge, reconnect with other people and with ourselves. Vacations are great for self-discovery and help promote creative thinking.
  • Vacations increase productivity: Workers who take time to relax regularly are less likely to experience burnout, which means they remain more productive and more creative than their vacation-less counterparts.

Taking a break from the stress of every day life will help you come back refreshed and ready to handle challenges with a renewed outlook. Even if you don’t have the budget for a two-week vacation, consider a weekend getaway or even a day trip.

So, start surfing the net for some good vacation deals. Remember: a vacation is GOOD for you!

Tell us what you think! Are you planning a getaway soon? Where to?

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