What You Should Know About the New iTunes and Spotify

Mike from SongCast here to discuss two music services: iTunes and Spotify.


sell_music_on_itunesWith the latest release, album art is more prominently featured in users’ libraries. Potential fans might be buying music not only on your sound, but also how your album cover looks. Additionally, your music might be found by being recommended to users based on their current iTunes library. Because of this, it’s important to have a unique brand and image that is all your own.


spotify_for_musiciansTo be successful on Spotify, make sure that you have attractive cover art and complete track listings for your music to be featured on Spotify. Users on Spotify may be reluctant to buy music directly from the program due to the free nature of the service, but it is still a great way to share your music with millions of listeners. This kind of exposure can lead to people talking about your music on social networks which can gain you new fans.

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