Best Software for Editing Music Videos

For musicians wondering “How do I sell music online?” there are a lot of possible answers… but a great music video is one of the best options! Video moves swiftly around the Internet, and if you put together a music video that’s popular, you could easily get thousands of new fans! (And some of them might even buy something!)

The good news, for bands on a budget, we’re living in a time where video editing software is cheap and easily available. There are numerous options available for computer and mobile devices that can take care of your video editing needs, while only costing a few dollars – if that!

Now, if you’ve got the money, CyberLink PowerDirector is probably the best all-around piece of music video editing software you can pick up. It’s got professional-quality effects, a great editing interface, and more plugins than you could ever want. However, licenses run between $50-$200, depending on your features, so that may be beyond a lot of young musicians’ budgets.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best inexpensive options on various hardware platforms! If you’re looking to sell music online, here’s a great place to start.

How Do I Sell Music Online: Finding The Best Music Video Editing Software


Mac: If you’ve got a Mac, you probably need to look no further than Apple’s own offerings. The free iMovie software that comes with OSX is a tight little package that offers everything you need to cut together video quickly, and it integrates instantly with all other Apple devices. Add to that the full-featured Mac Garage Band ($15) and you’ve got a formidable portable editing studio.

If you’re flush with cash, Final Cut Pro ($299) rivals PowerDirector for sheer options and power, but again, at a very hefty price that’s probably more than most bands need to spend.

PC: For Windows users, Microsoft’s built-in Windows Movie Maker isn’t as nice as iMovie, but it’s free for Windows users on Vista and above. The interface isn’t as smooth as Apple’s offerings, but it’s got a lot of power and makes great use of widescreen monitors to show additional information.

Another option is DebugMode Wax, which is a free editor. It’s slow to learn to use, but quite powerful, and it can act as a plugin for a number of other popular video editing suites, including Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere. This is a good option for bands who are thinking about expanded into more expensive software in the future.

Zwei-Stein also makes a strong argument for their free package, which features non-destructive editing, speedy 64-bit calculations, and a huge range of effects. It’s probably one of the harder packages to learn to use, but in terms of power, it’s hard to beat. This is the option if you’re a bit more of a tech-head.

Mobile: Besides GarageBand and iMovie for iOS (which are both great, and inexpensive) iOS is full of extremely inexpensive video editing packages that integrate easily into your iOS device’s existing capabilities. The Vimeo App is great for online-based bands, since it allows you to edit video and upload it to Vimeo directly. Or, if you don’t mind dropping a few bucks, Splice ($3.99) has far more features, as well as options for DLC filters and special effects.

Android: Android has less of a media focus, but none the less, VidTrim Pro ($2.84) offers options equivalent to those found on iOS, with a nice interface. The Clesh video editor ($4.99) is another good option, that allows extensive use of cloud storage to save space on your local device.

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  • Alvin Harrison 24 / 03 / 2014 Reply

    If you are going to do it right …Logic X and Final Cit Pro x for a combined price go just under $600 USD is the way to go…both have formidable learning curves…but once mastered you can produce Pro Quality work….one caveat find a Pro studio to Mix and Master your music…you will thank me later.

  • Video Editor Perth 23 / 07 / 2014 Reply

    I know some software but I think your suggestions are new to me, I will try it, nice. :)

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    i luve dis !!!!!

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