How to be a Musical Trend Setter on Twitter

Music_DistributionToday really is a great time to be an independent artist!

In years past, it was extremely difficult for young bands to build up enough of a fan following to make it into the mainstream. Simple problems of geography and music distribution made it almost impossible for a regional group to get heard on a nationwide stage.

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and social media, there are no real barriers between you and all the potential fans out there. Anyone from Philadelphia to Phnom Penh can connect with you on Twitter, download your tracks off iTunes, and tell their friends worldwide about you!

This is why Twitter is vital to any musician’s online marketing strategies. It’s the perfect platform to make yourself known and establish yourself as a trendsetter for a worldwide audience!

Getting The Most From Twitter In Your Online Marketing Strategies

Respond to your fans!

Especially in the early days, if someone ever sends a Tweet at you or even mentions your hashtag, get in on the discussion! Every chance to reach out is the chance to make a new convert. Don’t just talk about yourself, ask them questions. Find out what other bands they listen to! It’s a great way to learn more about your fan base.

Talk up the bands you like!

If you want to look like a really good guy on the music scene, be free with your props and respect for other acts. Push new albums that you’re enjoying. Send out shouts. Fans love it when bands get into conversations with each other, and it’s great for crossing over your audiences.

Plus, if you’re a nice guy when their albums launch, chances are they’ll return the favor when it’s your turn.

Pay homage to your inspirations.

Hey, we’re all drooling fanbois at heart when it comes to someone. Talk about the people who inspire your music – it’ll spark great discussions with other fans of theirs. It fleshes you out as an artist as well, if people can see where you’re coming from musically.

Plus, half the time, your heroes are on Twitter too…

Express an opinion from time to time.

In both your online marketing strategies, and in the world of music in general, you rarely lose out by generating a little controversy every now and then. Now, we’re not saying to go full Kanye here, but don’t be afraid to weigh in when a topic is important to you.

Having a personal connection is the key – you’ll be taken more seriously if you’re talking about something you’ve experienced firsthand.

Ask your fans questions.

Twitter is about starting conversations, and few things work better for that than simply asking questions. Try to vary it up. Some questions about your own act are great – fans love having chances for input – but ask about other topics too.

Twitter Boosts A Musician’s Online Marketing Strategies

Twitter brings you the best of both words – a legitimate outlet for having real, live discussions with your fans that’s also a fantastic marketing tool. That’s what Internet outreach can do for bands today.

So, if you haven’t dusted off your Twitter account lately, bust out some hashtags and see who answers!

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