Dealing with Last Minute Glitches during your Show

microphones_songcast_blogNothing can derail a live music performance faster than technical glitches during the show. It’s happened to virtually every act, from time to time, but it’s still a panic-inducing situation whenever it occurs.

Just remember: this is also an opportunity. How well you rise to the challenge, and how effectively you still deliver a great show to your fans, will say a lot about your stardom prospects. The truly great music acts of all time have found ways to overcome any problems, and still send their fans home happy and satisfied.

So, how can you deal with technical problems during your live music performance? Here are a few tips!

Making The Best Of Technical Issues During Your Live Music Performances

Arrive Early

The easiest way to prevent problems from disrupting your performance is to get there early enough to ensure they don’t happen. ALWAYS do a full electrical and sound check before a show, and double check everything before you go onstage.

If you’re following another act, don’t skimp on your preparations. It’s worth taking a few extra minutes to make sure everything is set up perfectly for you before you go live. The audience will remember the great show, not the extra five minutes you spent checking your wires.

Have a backup plan

Even if you rely on electronics for your show, you should try to have contingency plans in place if something goes wrong with them.

Do you really need that light show or overhead displays?

Could you play an acoustic set if something went wrong with your amps?

Is there any chance of bringing along a generator, in case of electrical failure?

The better you’re prepared for the unexpected ahead of time, the easier it will be for you to deal with it when it happens. While we can’t predict every misfortune that will befall us, some forethought can often save you a lot of hassle.

Try to fix the problem first

So, despite your best efforts, something has gone wrong during your show. Don’t just give up! Explain what happened to the audience, call a ten minute break, and try to get it fixed.

Like we said above, at the end of the day, people will remember your performance, not the technical glitches. Overcome them, and people will forget any little bobbles that occur, or praise you for overcoming them anyway.

Bring the audience into the show

If you have time you have to fill, find ways to get the fans in the crowd involved! Since virtually all of them are carrying cell phones, you can keep them interested with social media updates, or just encouraging them to contribute while you fix the problems. Singalongs and other direct audience participation can also be great.

Remember: The show must go on. Whenever technical glitches threaten to derail your live music performance, anything you can do to keep the audience involved and entertained will boost your reputation and get even more people talking about what a great performer you are!

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