4 Ways to use Instagram Video to Promote your Music

Music DistributionOne of the never-ending challenges of promoting yourself online as a musician is staying on top of current online trends in promotion and music distribution.

If you hadn’t heard, semi-social media outlet Instagram recently introduced video capabilities to their website – but only 15 seconds’ worth. This made them the latest social service to jump on the microvideo bandwagon, following sites like Tout, Twitter’s Vine system, and plenty of others.

So, how can you put 15 seconds of video to work selling music? Here’s some great ways to work microvideo into your music distribution and promotion strategies!

Four Ways Instagram Video Can Help Promote You

Share the best moment from your last concert!

Whether it was the applause at the end or a particular moment you just nailed, this is the perfect format for sending out the very best moments from your live appearances and shows. You aren’t uploading the whole thing, or even whole songs. Just glimpses of the very best bits, to get people interested in seeing more in person!

Get plenty of on-the-road footage!

Microvideo is perfect for capturing little moments in your day to day life. Especially if you’re in a full touring band, you’re going to get some of your best material here. Capture your reactions to new places as you arrive. This is also a great way to get cheap pops, so make sure to get footage of yourself praising the local landmarks. It always works.

Look for the little ‘human’ moments.

Include some mistakes and funny moments too! Include footage of yourself and the band goofing off and having fun. Think Hard Day’s Night here. These microvideos are all about showing you have personality and plenty of it. Basically, you’re looking for those moments you think most emphasize you, or your band, including some of your foibles.

Drop peeks at rehearsals of new material!

This one is mean, but it’ll drive your fans crazy. Upload little bits and pieces from your new material, as you’re rehearsing it. Look for the best bits, but don’t be afraid to throw in one where someone has an epic fail either. Keep your fans on edge, and it’ll build huge buzz for your upcoming projects, while keeping them looking for new hints of what your future releases have in store.

The overall key is to think “glimpses.” You’re never giving people a complete picture with a micro-video. You’re teasing your audience and just giving them a small look at something larger. If you keep them involved and maintain a steady stream of material, Instagram microvideo is a great way to promote your music distribution online!

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