How can Fall Inspire your Music?

Music_InspirationThe change in seasons has brought musical inspiration for centuries. So as fall approaches, it’s a perfect opportunity to look for new ways to expand your music and your outreach into the music business at the same time!

Autumn Brings New Musical Opportunities And Musical Inspiration

1.  It’s Perfect Weather For Outdoor Concerts

Everyone’s been cooped up inside air-conditioned offices all summer. Take advantage of the great nights and evenings to play some outdoor venues. Give your fans an excuse to get out and socialize, without all the walls and telephones everywhere.

2.  Autumn Is Back-To-School Time For A Lot Of Markets

Whether you’re cheering on your local team in social media or making inroads into on-campus gigs, now’s the time to really reach out to your fans stuck in classes. Try to time major releases so that they’re seen by the most people. Lunchtime is the perfect time to release that next video.

3.  Make New Merch

Bring your seasonal musical inspiration to your merchandise as well! Your fans are going to start wanting more cold-weather clothes, so be ready for them with a new line of sweaters, coats, jackets, and hoodies. While you’re at it, run a clearance on your spring and summer stuff to get some quick cash.

4.  Write, But Don’t Record

If you’re the sort who likes to keep pumping out song after song, use Fall to pause and think a little more about your songwriting. Winter’s the time to record, since you have to stay indoors half the time anyway. Use this opportunity to beef up your songbook.

Autumn is a great season for broadening your music and your fanbase. Whenever the seasons change, think on how that’s affecting your fans’ lives, and look to be there for them!

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