Avoid Getting your Music Equipment Stolen

Music EquipmentIt’s something that can potentially end the career of a band in one terrible night:  Having your instruments and other music equipment stolen while on tour.  It’s happened to plenty of artists, and it’ll undoubtedly happen to plenty more.

When a group has thousands of dollars invested in their gear, it may simply not be replaceable, and the chances of the cops finding the thieves is rather low.  Prevention is the ONLY medicine, when it comes to protecting your instruments.

Don’t Let It Happen To You: Stolen Music Equipment

1 – Get insured.

If you’re a working musician, there’s NO good reason not to have insurance on your gear.  Be careful, however, especially if you’re in rock\dance genres.  Many insurance companies consider rockers to be high-risk, and may not insure them.

We suggest looking for a specialty insurer.  There are several out there who specifically serve musicians, and rates are reasonable.

2 – Leave as little as possible in the van.

Most thefts are going to happen at night, when you’re asleep in the hotel room.  It’s best to bring as much of your gear as possible inside, to protect it.  You might ask the hotel if they have any luggage-storage facilities you can use, or even think about renting an extra room (if it’s cheap) for storage.

If you have to leave stuff outside, use towels or sheets to cover the windows and\or hide your gear. Most thieves won’t risk it unless they can see a tempting prize.

Also, consider an alarm with bright lights.  They’re more likely to scare thieves off.

3 – Go incognito.

Big-name acts have flashy vans with their logos all over it because they’re paying for big-name security details who work 24/7.  On the other hand, an indie band driving a gratuitously logo-covered van might as well paint “Come Steal My Stuff” on the side.  

It’s nothing but an invitation.  Stick to unmarked vehicles until you can afford to protect them.

Be Smart!

You gotta think ahead when it comes to protecting your music equipment.  Act as a team, never leave it unattended, and seriously, get insured.  

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    Your gear is like your business because you need it

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