Tools to Perfect Acoustics at Home and In Studio

Whether you and the band are recording from an at-home studio or from a professional one, there are a few methods to achieve great acoustics for your music.

Here at SongCast, we have some recording tips for you to make your next studio session a perfect one when it comes to acoustics. First of all, you will want to make sure the studio has a neutral soundscape. In other words, the music should not have to “make up” for the room’s noises or ambiance, and vice versa.

One important aspect of a great recording room is carpeted floors, rather than tile or hardwood, to avoid echoes in your tracks. If your home studio has hard flooring, cover it with rugs.

One of the most important recording tips to remember is to equip the walls, too. You will want to look into both bass traps and absorbers. Absorbers are perfect for soaking up the sounds that would otherwise bounce back off the wall and into your songs, and most musicians pad the walls with foam absorbers. Bass traps stifle low-end buildup and standing waves that could cause more unwanted sounds during the recording process.

Methods of soundproofing are important when it comes to recording your music—not just for keeping outside noises or reverberations from winding up on your next album, but also to keep your music from escaping the studio walls. Keep in mind, your neighbors may not enjoy music as much as you and the band do!

As a whole, it’s crucial that the walls are completely sealed and soundproofed to avoid noise diffraction. The acoustics will be top-notch with the right foam absorbers, bass traps to damp unwanted sounds and a neutral room for recording.

So, how do you achieve great acoustics in the recording studio? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to visit our SongCast blog for more recording tips!

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