How to Choose the Right Guitar


Music IndustryHans Christian Andersen once said “where words fail, music speaks”.  In order for music to speak to its listeners, a few elements are required–talent, dedication and the right tools. In the music industry, a guitar is a musician’s best friend, but finding the perfect fit can pose a challenge. These tips will help you choose the right guitar for your music.

Electric or Acoustic

The first step is to choose between Electric and Acoustic guitars, and in order to do that you need to know your music style. If your genre is related to rock or metal, you will be better off with an electric guitar that has a thinner neck and lower string action such as the Dinky by Jackson. This type of guitar is suited for these genres because it allows faster and easier playing. On the other hand, you may want an acoustic guitar such as the Martin OM28 or the Fender FA-100 if your music has folk, blues or country elements. This is because natural reverb from the acoustic is better suited for those genres. Always ensure the guitar you choose has the right sound for your preferred genre.


Like many other instruments in the music industry, guitars can be quite expensive. While you shouldn’t break the bank for a guitar, you also should invest in a quality instrument. Buying a cheap guitar because of the attractive price tag can lead to a wasted investment. If it doesn’t sound good or feel good, odds are you won’t play it. There are plenty of guitars such as the Yamaha FG700s and the Ibanez AF75 that are of good quality and inexpensive—the key is to do some research.

Test Different Guitars

Once you have an idea of the guitar type you are interested on buying, it is important to get a feel for it. The best way to do this is going to a music store near you and investing some time playing the guitar until you are certain it is the right fit. Find out if the neck and body sizes are ideal, if the strings are comfortable and if it feels and sounds good to you. Furthermore, keep your mind open to trying out and comparing other guitars too—you never know, you could end up liking another guitar much better than the one you had in mind.

Always remember that even though some brands are favored in the music industry, they aren’t necessarily the right ones for you. Don’t buy a guitar because it looks good, buy it because it sounds and feels great. For more information on how to buy the right guitar and the music industry, follow our SongCast blog.

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