Ear Candy Vol 77 – Pop Vocalists

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This week, Ear Candy salutes Pop Vocalists!!

From Detroit, Michigan:  Barbara Kiss is the type of indie artist that is so talented and writes such good songs, she could easily become one of pop’s next superstars!  This Spotlight features a song called “Catch Me.”  The video for this track is excellent!!  Watch it here!  Check out her website for more info on this indie pop powerhouse!

From New Jersey:  Emily Bendock has a fresh, upbeat, and addictive approach to music.  Her lyrics lyrics express all the pressures adolescents might experience at school, within sports and with friendships. Stream this Pop Spotlight and enjoy the song “Summer Love,” an  EDM song with a hint of pop to it.  This amazing track has a catchy hook that keeps you guessing until the end.

From France:  AKUNA ART.  You will be “Crazy” about this single!  Dynamic, very well produced, polished, and tasty, this pop track will stick in your head for a long time after you stream this Pop Spotlight.  Support indie music!

From Brisbane, Australia:  Bella Marie is a very talented and young performer, who has surrounded herself with music her entire life.  Her youthful energy is combined with a seasoned voice and a talent for songwriting.  Stream this Pop Spotlight and check out some indie pop that is every bit as good as anything you would find in a major label.

From Lagos, Nigeria:  Miz Gold rhymes with lightning precision;  her rhythms encompass your body and you beco0me one with the groove.  Stream this Pop Spotlight and become enveloped in the trance like beats that only Miz Gold can deliver.

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