SongCast Podcast – Episode Five – May 3, 2024

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Episode Five of our brand new SongCast Podcast is live!
Stream on YouTube, SoundCloud, or listen to the music on Spotify.

We start off this podcast with a trio of indie hip hop, before venturing into R&B, jazz pop, electronic, rock, blues, dance, reggae and more.

This Month’s Featured Artists:

Indie hip hop from Anaheim, California.  Take a listen to SoCal USOS
“Hustle Till The Sun Comes Up.”socalJust-Ice is next with indie hip hop from the release 32 Degrees.
just-iceWe head off to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a popular hip hop artist by the name of HSC Jmeanmug and the track “Guess Who’s Bizzzack.”hscEnjoy smooth, soulful, rhythm and blues out of Chicago from
Dooney Da Prince and “Lost Love Ballad.”dooney lostGeorgia’s Gary Farmer provides indie jazz that is unique and memorable.
Here is a great track called “Broken Moon.”gary farmerRuta Grabbiz from Germany offers up “Floral Dreams.”rutaNext is Daisy Dance‘s “Ain’t No Man”  Daisy is a teeneger who was born in Singapore and now lives in England.  She began writing songs at the age of 8.daisy danceInto Brazil we travel to Rave it up with “Monster” from Nightcore.nightcoreHow about some electronic pop from Poland?  Treat your ears to Chilli Coffee and “How Will I Know” from the release Lounge Love.chilli coffee longueCrank up some indie rock from Mercedes, Texas.
Take a listen to Kid Zapper’s “Stop The War.”kid zHere is a singer/songwriter by the name of Idylwild.
Enjoy the track “If I Had A Panda.”idyl Our podcast ends with a great reggae track from the Family Shoveller Band out of Perth Austrailia.  Enjoy “Wyirrt Wyirrt”

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