4 Things Musicians Should Be Thankful For

selling musicThanksgiving, of course, is a time to pause and reflect on the things you’re thankful for. While you’re probably thankful for every successful attempt at selling music, there’s more to it than that.

At the risk of going all Gwyneth Paltrow here, let’s get a bit misty-eyed and run down some things that all of us in the music business should be thankful for!

Counting Your Musical Blessings For This Thanksgiving

1 – The Fans

No, seriously. It’s not trite. The fans are your lifeblood. They’re what keep any indie band going, and what keep every big band on top. If an artist ever starts taking them for granted, or thinking that they’re owed a living by the fans, the result is usually a new career in reality TV.

2 – Your Support Crew

It’s easy for a band to forget how much work their manager, promoter and even their roadies put into making a gig happen. When’s the last time you truly thanked these folks, aside from paying them in money and/or beer?

These people do it for the love of music, especially when you’re just starting out. Give them a little love back every now and then. (Even if your “crew” is just your little brother.)

3 – Cheap Production and Distribution

There’s never been a better time in history to be selling music, and there have never been more affordable options for making it available. Tablets–especially iPads–are revolutionizing on-the-road music creation, and you now have a truly global audience of fans constantly hungry for more music.

Then again, pretty much everyone should be thankful for the Internet these days.

4 – Johann Sebastian Bach

Let’s face it: he got the ball rolling for all of us, as well as setting the first example of a musical genius who died well before he was even appreciated. The man is called the “Father of Harmony” for a reason. So, when looking for people to thank for your musical career, don’t forget to pour one out for good ol’ JSB.

And, speaking of which… what are YOU thankful for in music?

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