Finding a Compatible Music Manager

As a band grows, at some point, it’s almost certain to add a manager to its staff. Even today, it’s nearly a requirement in the music business, unless you’re planning on doing all your music promotion online. Even then, it’s still a pretty good idea.

What does a manager bring you? Well, the responsibilities vary from band to band, but a manager will usually:

  • Music_PromotionFind and get you into new gigs
  • Handle contract negotiations
  • Work his own connections to get you noticed
  • Manage your image
  • Look for record labels
  • Handle staff hiring, like roadies
  • Help search for new talent if needed
  • Handle inter-personal conflicts within a band

Basically, a manager’s job is to do everything that distracts you from your music. You get a lot for your money. You get someone who’s well-versed in the music business, as well as freeing up a whole lot of time you’ve been spending as your own manager!

Finding The Right Manager For Your Growing Music Business

Hiring your first manager is one of the first real milestones on the road to music stardom. There are a lot out there, and most are going to promise a bit more than they can necessarily deliver. (Hyperbole goes with the job.)

This is where your social networking skills will pay off. LinkedIn is best for making business connections, even in the music industry, so start working on your professional side. However, there’s plenty of networking to be done on Facebook too! Try asking other bands from your area who are a bit higher up the ladder if they have advice.

Share a Vision

You also want a manager with a similar vision for your band to yours. Managers get stars in their eyes too, and some are looking for bands they can re-mold into their own ideas.

Before saying ‘yes’, have a serious sit down and talk about where he wants to take your act. If your ideas align, you’ll have your first major partner and be a lot closer to finding your success in the music business!

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