Secrets of Becoming a Local Star

promote your musicIf an indie band or artist is trying to make it big, local fame is practically a prerequisite. While it’s possible to promote your music solely online, it’s far better to be known locally because that’s how you build your reputation as a performer. It’s also how you come to the attention of promoters, managers, and labels.

Become well-known locally, and you’ll be well on your way to larger fame.

Promote Your Music Locally To Build Name Recognition 


1 – Keep playing those local gigs.

Hitting the road every now and then is fun, but you should still remain focused on playing to your local crowd. In the early days of a career, it can sometimes help to be associated with a particular club or other hotspot. It’s a win-win proposition: your fans know where to go to find you, and that club gets a steady influx of patrons.

2 – Move up the ranks.

Another advantage to a local focus is that you should have a good grasp on the “pecking order” of the various venues in your area. If you can concretely demonstrate that you’re consistently filling bigger halls or getting into more exclusive clubs, that brings great leverage to promote your music.

It demonstrates your growing fame, as well as making you look like a smart investment for venues, promoters and labels.

3 – Reward fans on social media.

We talk a lot about social media, but that’s because it’s currently the BEST way to cement your relationship with your fans. A steady stream of pictures, videos, or free tracks will ensure people continue to follow your career, and remain interested when you announce a new show or tour.

With so much music out there, it’s more important than ever to maintain strong connections to your fan base.

Local Fame Builds Growing Bands

There are few shortcuts to fame in the music industry, unless you’re buddies with Simon Cowell. A slow and steady approach to promote your music locally is the best path toward more recognition.

Of course, online music promotion also helps. Are you listed in all the major online stores yet?

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