How to Move On From a Tough Year in the Music Business

All things told, this hasn’t been a fantastic year for the music business, even though 2013 was pretty great.  In fact, it took all the way until November for even ONE artist to release a Platinum album.

Aside from Taylor Swift, the other best-seller of the year was the “Frozen” OST.  Seriously.

So chances are, many of you had a tough year.  How can you bounce back and make 2015 better than ever?

2015 Music EqualizeUpdate Your Strategies For Music Business Success In 2015

Do more streaming.

With even Garth Brooks jumping on the digital bandwagon, it’s probably time to get serious about digital distribution and trying to get yourself into more streaming services.  The revenues from these -especially streaming- are more indirect, but it’s where the listeners are.

Look into personalized services.

Would you agree, the future of virtually ALL areas of product marketing is “personalization.”  Music is unlikely to escape this.  The bands who can personalize their music, may be the ones to win big in the next few years.

Just as a few ideas that are potentially viable with modern technology:

  1. Live remote-streaming gigs for small exclusive audiences.
  2. Variable-data printed CDs or other physical works with personalized names/messages/etc in the packaging.
  3. Song templates where you only sing a couple lines to change the song into a customized form.
  4. Make-Your-Own Greatest Hits CDs/Thumbdrives/Etc kiosks at shows.
  5. Actively seeking out patrons to commission musical works.  (Kickstarter is heralding this one.)

Focus on your fan interactions.

Fan interaction extends to both onstage and offstage behavior.  People want an experience from their relationship with a musician, and they’re going to reward acts who deliver this.  Your ability to engage an audience will still be the #1 factor determining whether you get ahead in the music business.

Beyond any gimmicks you might incorporate, you should be focused on having the best live shows possible, and the best off-stage fan relationships you can develop.

So, what about you?  How are you planning to update your strategies for selling music in 2015?

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