Benefits of Releasing an EP

In today’s music market, you have more possibilities in how to sell music than ever before, with plenty of options in formats and organization.  While many focus either on individual tracks/singles or on full-length albums, the humble EP is often overlooked, even though it creates a nice middle ground.

Of course, even the name “EP” (Extended Play) is just a holdover from the vinyl days, when EPs were generally only around 20 minutes long and had 4-6 songs.  Today, the title is much more flexible, and generally anything up to about 45 minutes in length can still qualify as an EP.

Why release an EP?  Here are a few thoughts.

How To Sell Music:  A Great EP Builds Buzz!

1 – An Easier Listening Format

Seriously, when’s the last time you pulled out a lengthy album like The Wall and simply sat down and listened to it?  A lot of people don’t have an hour and a half to devote to an album, even if it seems a shame to say that.

An album in the 20-40 minute range fits into people’s busy lives more easily.

2 – Target Commuters

Branching off #1, an EP is often a perfect length for morning commutes.  Try suggesting your listeners pull it out on the bus or in their car.  It’s one of the few opportunities a person has these days to really focus on music that’s playing.

3 – Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

A lot of full-length albums, especially those over an hour, frankly seem padded.  A lot of material goes on them, including tracks that probably would not have made the cut back in the days of 45s.   There’s something to be said for presenting only the BEST material, focusing on quality over quantity.

4 – Flexible Pricing

EPs can be sold cheaper than LPs. This allows musicians to experiment in pay-what-you-want pricing, for example. EPs can be released more often, at lower prices, and they’re easier to listen to.  They’re a great option for selling more music.

How about you?  Released any EPs yet?

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