4 Reasons Why Beginning Musicians Should Start with an EP

When a new musical artist is first looking to package and promote their work, it’s easy to over-reach with a first album. Too many artists are looking to fill an LP when, in truth, an EP would work just as well – if not better!

An EP is just about the perfect package to start selling your music online, and we’ve got four good reasons why.

How To Sell Music Online: EPs Work Better Than LPs!

1. Less Pressure On You

For starters, there’s less pressure on you to come up with nearly 80 minutes of quality music that can keep people’s attention. That’s more work than it sounds like at first, especially when you consider the extra time you’ll need on the production, mixing, and other post processes.

2. A Lower Price Point Helps Online Sales

People are going to be more willing to risk $5 on an act they haven’t heard before. That’s a fair price for EPs these days. With so many different medias fighting for people’s dollars, it’s usually best to price lower rather than higher.

Plus, it makes it easier for you to bring in LPs later on at a premium price. Bands that start off with $5 LPs have a problem on their hands if they ever decide to charge more for their music.

3. EPs Encourage Repeat ListensSell_Music_Online

It’s becoming more rare for someone to sit and listen to an album that’s nearly as long as a film. People have short attention spans, and more things fighting for their attention. EPs are easier to listen to and can be fit into a shorter amount of time – like a lunch break, or a drive across town.

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward

A lot of us have that much material lying around from our various demos, but that doesn’t mean it’s all ready for prime-time. A well-chosen EP presents your absolute best material, without having to worry about “filler” tracks like some that inevitably end up on LPs. Choosing an EP over an LP makes the kind of impact that pushes your online music sales forward.

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  • Goodnight Sam 06 / 11 / 2013 Reply

    I agree with this 100%. I’ve been in a band for 10 years, and only now are we releasing our first LP. EP’s worked really well for us due to the reason’s listed above!

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