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Welcome to the second Social Media Makeover post! We all know it’s important to remain damind_soncast_artistactive online, but it’s equally important to make the most of these tools by keeping them up-to-date, integrated and streamlined, especially when facing a big event.

This week we’re featuring Atlanta-based rapper James Bussey, aka Da-Mind, who will release his new album I’m Guilty on August 2, 2011. For Da-Mind, now’s the time to get his web properties updated and fully functioning in order to get the word out about his new album.

Da-Mind has the following web properties:

Here are our recommendations for him:

1.     Create a website. Even if it’s a simple landing page with information about your upcoming release and links to your social media pages, it will help with search engine optimization and ensure that fans can easily find you.

2.     Create a Facebook Page. It’s important that you engage with your fans and Facebook is a great place to get the word out about your upcoming release.  Here is the page that will help you get started:

3.     Choose a cohesive image to use across all platforms. We suggest using the same logo, photo or album art across all sites, which will help your fans with brand recognition.

4.     Update events and information across all platforms. Make sure each page includes the most important information: the name and release date of your new album and upcoming shows. (The release date on Twitter states the release is in July. That should be updated.)

5.     Unprotect your Tweets. Unless you have a major reason to protect your Tweets, we advise against protecting them. The point of Twitter is to allow fans to engage with you. If you protect your Tweets, you’re discouraging fans from communicating with you.

Using these five suggestions, Da-Mind is going to begin to implement his social media makeover. We’re going to check back in with him in a month to see what his progress is like!

Tell us what you think! Have you recently revamped your social media properties?

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