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Last month we introduced you to SongCaster Christa Gniadek in the first post of ourChrista Gniadek Social Media Makeover series. We spoke to Christa to determine how she could best ramp up her social media platforms in preparation for the release of her album Get Me, in September. We provided her with the following recommendations:

1. Choose a cohesive image and theme to implement on all platforms.
2. Make sure your profile photos are similar in theme and style so fans can recognize you across platforms.
3. Update your events and information across all platforms.
4. Tweet at least four times a day, and make your Tweets conversational with fans.
5. Add new content like “behind the scenes” information and photos with the “making of” your new album to your Tumblr page. Update your Tumblr page at least once a day and promote the page via Facebook and Twitter.

We are very happy to share that we’ve checked in with Christa and she’s reported very exciting news: it worked!

Focusing on Twitter, Facebook, and blogging, she noticed that the amount she Tweeted was positively correlated with the amount of followers she gained. “I noticed an influx of followers, averaging about seven-eight a week,” said Christa. “That’s three times more than I had prior to being more Twitter-conscious.”

Christa also connected her Facebook updates with her Twitter and Tumblr accounts to have even more of an impact. “Over the last three weeks I gained nearly 30 new followers just by trying to be diligent about keeping up with at least one and at most four Tweets a day,” she said.

What did she talk about? “In this period of setting up the record for pressing, it was difficult to find interesting things to blog about pertaining directly to the record, so I opted to connect with my fans instead with more personal posts.”

Bottom line, says Christa, “the more I update, blog, and stay connected with my core group of fans, the more likely other peripheral fans will begin to connect with me, too. It works!”

Interested in what Christa’s up to on Twitter? You can find her at

Tell us what you think! Are you interested in a social media makeover? Drop us a line and you could be next!

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