Branding Part 1: How Does Art Work Impact Your Brand?

branding_your_bandThe American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” A brand is the identity of a product, service or business and can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination, font, tagline or slogan.

Every musician or band should develop a brand, as it helps with recognition and credibility. Burgeoning, independent artists should place special emphasis on creating a brand, as it will immediately tell potential fans who you are and what you do. Whether it’s a logo, color combination or otherwise, your brand and the images you chose will represent your band and tell fans what you stand for, before they even hear your music.

Your artwork and images, especially those on your album cover, are exceedingly important and extra care should be taken when creating album art. It will help potential fans decide whether or not they want to listen to your music, and can make or break your success.

How do you create artwork or a brand that accurately represents your brand? Consider the following:

–        Research: Think about your fans, their likes and dislikes. Check out the competition and what they’re up to.

–        Consider your sound. When choosing images for your album art, be sure the images accurately reflect your music. If your music is upbeat, your images should be, as well.

–        Determine your unique selling point. What sets you apart as a band? Be sure that translates into your artwork.

As an independent artist, there are many important decisions you’ll have to make throughout the course of your career. Branding is one of the most important as it helps potential fans decide whether or not to listen to you, and it creates a style that sets you apart from other musicians. Take great care to create album art that accurately reflects your sound, style and image as a band.

Tell us what you think! Have you created a brand? Does it accurately represent your music?

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  • The Silver Conductor 05 / 07 / 2011 Reply

    This is so important what you are saying, all Indie Artist should pay close attention and use your wisdom carefully.
    From the beginning I have watched learned and listen to such advice. Let’s not be drones or clones to a dying musical establishment were if you don’t follow the herd, you are guaranteed to be dropped from the label.
    We have waited for along time to have this level playing field my fellow Indie Artist, let’s not squander the moment, embrace the change and use it to your advantage.
    Who am I? The Silver Conductor @,Youtube,, Facebook, itunes and more, the times is Now! Go for it!
    Remember: “Always know who loves you”
    The Silver Conductor

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