Branding Part Three: Web Design

As we’ve discussed in our branding series, public perception plays a huge role in the success or failure of a musician. Every musician should develop a brand and your website functions as the gateway to your brand. As such, it must tell potential fans who you are and what you do.

This week, in part three of our branding series, we’re going to review web design. What makes a website design successful? Consider the following:

  • Is the website an accurate reflection of your sound?
  • Is the website unique to you?
  • Does it follow the trends of your genre?
  • Is it easy for potential fans to use and to find what they need?

When considering the above questions, keep in mind that the font treatment (typography), overall layout, photo usage, and color scheme all play a role in getting your message across. Be sure that each element is an accurate reflection of you and your music.

Consider the following trends in web design:

  • Typography: Designers have access to more fonts than ever before. But trends in font design have gone back to simple, easy to read fonts. (Hint: never use comic sans. Never. Ever.)
  • Grid layouts: Web designers have been breaking away from traditional web layouts (header, content column, sidebar, footer) in favor of more unique, grid driven layouts. Grammy winners the Zac Brown Band have a great grid layout (see image). This might be something that works for you.
  • Large Scale Images: Large photos are a fast (and simple) way to grab your audience’s attention. But remember that the photo must be reflective of your brand and in-context with your music.
  • Single page sites: Many musicians have been using single page sites as a way to direct users to their other web properties like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Simple color schemes: Colorful schemes will catch the users’ eye, but keep it simple. Limit your palette to two or three colors and work within those shades.

Tell us what you think! What websites do you really like? Do you feel your website accurately conveys your brand?

Up next: New instruments going mainstream. What are some new instruments that artists are bringing into the mix?

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