When and How to Choose a Stylist


songcast_artistAs an independent musician, the importance of image and style when first starting out cannot be overstated. Your photos are often the gateway to your music, and can make or break whether or not fans and critics give your music a listen.

Significant time should be put into your style; the worst thing you can do is look like an amateur because people will assume you are amateur. If you send a photo to a publication that’s sub par (meaning it was taken on a whim by a friend and does not look professional), you’re doing yourself and your band a major disservice; often, it’s helpful to consult with a stylist.

When should you consult with a stylist? If you are interested in any media attention, you should have a polished image. If you don’t, it’s time to seek help. If you have any shows coming up and feel that your image is not defined, it’s time to consult a stylist. If you have a high profile performance and want to wow the crowd, but your band doesn’t look cohesive or reflective of your sound, it’s time to talk to a stylist.

Some points to consider:

  • Overall, you must determine who you are as an artist and ask yourself: does my image reflect my sound and what I stand for?
  • Provide your stylist with a copy of your bio and take the time to work with a stylist that understands your needs and will convey the image you want in photos.
  • Show and Tell: Communicate with your stylist and photographers about what you want and what the photos will be for (cd cover, press photos, online?).
  • It’s in the details: remember that your clothing, hairstyle, accessories and props all convey a certain image. Be sure they convey the right image.
  • Preparation is key: Practice your poses prior to the shoot. On the day of the shoot, make sure you’ve had enough sleep and that you eat and drink prior to the shoot. Otherwise you’ll look tired in your shots.

Your image is a huge aspect of your career. It’s important to consult a stylist that understands your needs and can help convey your image accurately.

Tell us what you think! Have you worked with a stylist to perfect your image? Have any tips you’d care to share?

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