Back To Work: Tips for Staying Productive

Now that summer has come and gone, it’s time to put the sun tan lotion away and get back to work. Hopefully you’ve been plugging away at booking a fall tour, and as you prepare to hit the road (or dream about hitting the road), here are some tips to help you stay productive this fall.

  • Organize Your Workspace: If your desk took a hit while you were taking summer Fridays, it’s time to get organized. Often, clear spaces create clear minds. So take the time to file your paper work, throw away the trash, and get back to business.
  • Morning Ritual: If you’re going out on a tour and have a schedule that doesn’t allow for blocks of uninterrupted work time, consider setting aside a few hours in the morning to squeeze in a project before the day gets away from you.

  • Be mobile: Not all of your work requires tons of equipment. Sometimes all it takes is a cell phone or laptop. Be mobile and be flexible in your ability to adapt to new working environs, especially on the road.
  • Make time: If you find that you’re putting off work that needs to be done, it’s time to make time for it. Set aside an off day on your tour and use that to knock out some work. You’ll feel better once it’s done.
  • Write a List: If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the tasks you need to take on this fall, now’s the time to write a list, prioritize and plan. It’s easy to avoid a task that seems too big to overcome, but when you break it up into smaller parts, it’s easier to take on. Remember this when planning your next tour, your album release or the production of a video.
  • Hire Someone: If you’re a musician and also working a full-time day job and trying to prep for two months of weekend tour dates, you might be stretched too thin. Perhaps it’s time to consider hiring someone to help you out. Whether it’s a road manager or an accountant, some times there aren’t enough hours in the day. And that’s ok.

Tell us what you think! What are some of your tips for staying productive this fall?

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