Get the Gig: Holiday Parties

As an indie artist, you should make every effort to continuously expand your audience. A great way to reach new fans is through performing at holiday parties. The holidays seem to come earlier each year, which means that from now through mid-January, there are oodles of them. So, advance planning is key to getting a gig that’s worth you time: one that puts you in front of a large crowd and pays you.

But how do you get yourself into the decked halls of some of your city’s most prestigious holiday events? How do you get a gig performing not only songs about Santa Claus, but also your own original music?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Find the Planners: Look for places both on and off line that will put you in touch with event planners. Seek out event planning communities and organizations that bring planners together. They need entertainment at their events and will often put out requests for new bands. Keep your eyes out for it.
  • Use your Web/Listening Skills: There are many programs available like Google Reader and Google Alerts that will allow you to be notified when certain keywords are used online. Use an alert to keep you updated about who’s looking for holiday entertainment. You can also conduct Twitter searches to see who’s looking for #holiday #entertainment.
  • Ask Around: Have friends at major companies that would be willing to take a chance on new entertainment? Ask your friends, family and fans if they know of any opportunities. As you know, word of mouth is the best and cheapest form of advertising.
  • Target Companies: Do you know that Company A has the most talked about holiday party every year and want to get in on the action? Give the company a call to see who’s responsible for planning their events and get to know the decision maker.
  • Make Sure the Gig is Worth It: Before saying yes to any gig, make sure it’s worth your time and effort. If it doesn’t pay, doesn’t put you in front of a big crowd, or if it puts you in front of the wrong crowd, think twice before donning the Santa hat and guitar.

Tell us what you think! Have you performed at holiday parties? Was it worth your time? Would you do it again?

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