Mobile Apps for Musicians

songcast_appsAs an indie artist building a career, you might find that you’re spending more and more time on the road travelling to and from gigs. It’s a lot of work, but you’re lucky: your mobile device is the key to keeping on top of your career, staying in touch with your fans and harnessing creative ideas.

Here are some mobile apps for indie artists that are worth checking out:

  • FanBridge is a comprehensive app that helps indie artists connect with fans. You can easily get your message out across email, mobile, and social networks all from one place. And, FanBridge’s FanRank system automatically segments your fan base into Super Fans, Casual Fans, and At-Risk Fans, so you can appropriately connect and communicate with your audience. They also provide powerful analytics that help you know who your fans are and where they are so you can better target them.
  • TopSpin is an amazing tool kit to help you promote your art, connect with fans, and build a business. You can easily spread your music anywhere with TopSpin’s media players; increase your fan connections via email, Facebook, or Twitter in exchange for free downloads; analyze fan data and send targeted email blasts. You can also make more money with their store by selling digital and physical media, merch, tickets and more. They even offer fulfillment!
  • Marcato Musician is an artist management app that helps musicians organize gigs, contacts, venues, track deadlines and more. Stay on top of your work and your band with this app.
  • And don’t forget about the simpler apps like voice memo that allow you to record voice messages. Keep track of the melody you thought up at the gym, or the to-do list that popped into your head while you’re boarding a plane!

Tell us what you think! Have you found an app that has changed your life as a musician? Share it with us!

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