Recording Equipment Manufacturers to Check Out

As an indie artist, if you plan to record at home or in-studio, it’s important to stay on top of recording industry developments and products in the field. Spend some time each month reading recording industry publications like Mix Magazine, ProSound News and Tape Op Magazine to stay on top of trends in your industry and to get to know the best of what’s out there.

If you haven’t yet scoured the Internet or picked up the latest magazine to see what equipment your peers are talking about, now’s the time. Here are some manufacturers and gear you should know about:

  • API (Automated Processes Inc.) Audio: With over 700 API consoles around the world, including one at WNYC 93.9 FM, New York City’s premier public radio station, API is one of the leading audio broadcast console manufacturers. Best known for their legendary “2520 amplifier,” other well known products include the 512c Mic Preamp, 525 Compressor and the 550b EQs. Some newer products include the 2500 Bus Compressor, the A2D Mic Pre, the 527 Compressor and the 1608 console.
  • The Neve Company: A pioneer in the pro audio world for decades, Rupert Neve is recognized as the developer of the modern mixing console, and his work can be found in studios around the world. The “Neve” sound is sought after for its warm and present sound; which is why millions of records have been tracked through stand alone 1073 Neve preamps or a Neve designed recording mixers.
  • Barefoot Sound is at the forefront of multipurpose monitoring solutions. They create audio speakers that transcend the need for multiple types of monitors, while still delivering the highest sonic performance available. Barefoot Sound creates revolutionary studio monitors that are versatile, cost-efficient, world class and made in the USA. Check out the MiniMain12, the MicroMain27, MicroSUB and the MicroMain35.
  • Coles Electroacoustics has manufactured the BBC-designed ribbon microphones in the UK for over 30 years. Originally designed for radio and television broadcast, Coles versatile ribbon mics have become a tool of choice throughout the sound recording industry. Check out the 4038 or the newest addition, the gold-plated 4040 which features a bold look, greater output, and a wider frequency response.

Tell us what you think! What are some of your favorite pieces of sound recording equipment? Are you a gear head? Dish the scoop on your favorite brands!

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