Band Merchandise to Sell at a Show

songcast_music_distributionAs the show is coming to an end or maybe in between sets, fans and concert attendees are looking for something to keep them entertained.  Give them merchandise to buy.  Nothing will promote your music more than fans and listeners wearing shirts with your band’s logo or plastering their cars with band bumper stickers. Your current fans will be unofficial spokespeople for you, and will act as live, moving billboards each time they wear or listen to your merchandise.  The publicity will bring in more fans and will also give you the opportunity to increase your profits at each show. Below are some tips to help you discover what to sell at a concert to better sell your music online.


Traditions are Created for a Reason

Every merchandise table should host the typical items.  These items include various types of clothing, posters, bumper stickers and CDs. The above are items concert goers are expecting to see at a merchandise table.  For the sales to be high, have creative, well designed concert gear available. A first time listener will most likely buy a piece of clothing if they enjoyed the show and it is interesting. Also, have flyers available with your future show dates and where you sell your music online.

Unusual, Quirky and Fun

The unusual items can stretch anywhere from instruments to unique and necessary household items. Many times a merchandise purchase is impulsive but beneficial to promote your music.  The unusual items will satisfy this need for a spontaneous buy.   Include items that match the personality of your music and the fab base.  Sell items such as lighters with your band logo if you are producing a rock concert.  If you aren’t a rock band look for other items that your demographic will identify with or are useful. Other examples could be ashtrays, bottle openers, key chains, hats, jewelry, purses and cups.  These are all common items that attendees are likely to need or want and continue to use in a public atmosphere.  Keep in mind you will need to find the merchandise that best fits your fans and music to earn the most sales and help sell your music online.

Most likely there will be musicians in attendance as well.  Provide them with the opportunity to buy something they’ll continue to use.  Guitar picks and drum sticks are cheap and it is easy to add your band’s logo to the items.  Musicians are apt to continue to use the picks or drum sticks while practicing, further promoting your music.  Also, attendees other than musicians will be attracted to music related purchases as well.

The end goal of a merchandise table is beyond making money the night of the show.  In order to be successful, the merchandise should act as free advertising for your band after the show.  Be sure to have creative and desirable items available and produce an entertaining show to sell merchandise and promote your music. To learn more about music distribution or selling music online or on iTunes contact SongCast today!

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