Best Apps to Help Musicians Sell Music Online

Technology is constantly making it easier to be a musician and to create music. Below are four applications that every musician should purchase. Each considers various elements of practice and performance, to create better artists and bands. Applications can be carried around in our pockets and bags and are powered through our phones, tablets and computers. Musicians looking to sell music online need to consider the convenience of applications and begin to integrate them into their production and music distribution. The four applications below are reasonably priced and provide important assistance for serious musicians.


Karajan Pro

At $9.99 Karajan Pro provides lessons for learning to recognize intervals, chords, scales, pitch and tempo with detailed statistics. The application is an innovative tool for musicians who want to better understand theory and how music is created. Bands and artists are able to train their ears and become more experienced musicians.


For musicians that constantly have to bring a stack sheet music where ever they go, forScore is the application for you! For $6.49, you will be able to take thousands of pages of scores with you. Musicians are able to update their sheet music constantly with easy download capabilities. The interface also allows you to add notes to specific pages or cut out portions of the music.


Ever arrived to a venue and your instrument was off key? Or maybe finding it difficult to hit that specific pitch? For $2.59, you are able to have a tuner with you everywhere you go. With a graphical note display you are able to perfect your pitch and instrumental sound before taking the stage. Musicans will only need to select the instrument being tuned, play a few notes and you will be told which adjustments to make. The application works with voices and a variety of wind, brass and string instruments, making your music distribution and production even better.

Multitrack DAW

For $13.99 artists and bands are able to use MultiTrack DAW as a powerful audio recorder and audio editor. Musicians are able to record and edit stereo tracks of CD quality, ready to be released to your fans. Bands and artists are able to record up to 24 takes, harmonies and solos. Each instrument can receive its own track, allowing for clearer and crisper sound. The application has monitoring and overdubbing capabilities as well that provide for sound quality of a professional studio. Multitrack DAW allows for fast music production and the faster you are able to produce it, the faster you can sell music online.

For more information on applications for musicians check out Mobile Apps for Musicians. To get first class music distribution and sell music online at the top music retailers contact SongCast today!

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  • Tyrone Johnson 26 / 04 / 2012 Reply

    The advancement of technology related to making music amazes me. It moves so fast and you have to keep up with it to remain cutting edge. It’s making a real difference in the type of creative sounds we can generate. The possibilities are without limits. These are four affordable resources to consider. I’ll have to check into them.

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