Spotlight Debuts on SongCast Radio!

Welcome to Spotlight!  I am Joe Kleon, the host of this brand new program, covering all types of indie music at SongCast Radio.  The show is no-frills and music intensive.  My main goal is to give you an alternative from commercial radio and introduce you to some amazing indie music.  We debuted five new shows on April 21st, Rock, Country, Gospel, Singer/Songwriter, and Hip Hop.  Click the links to check out the shows!  I hope you like them!  I welcome your feedback!  Please send comments, ideas, and suggestions to

All current shows will feature a password and email address.  Email the password to the email address and get in the running for a $50 iTunes gift card.  Click Here to stream the current shows.  The password bumper is at the very end of each show.

Spotlight: Rock
1st show Debut 4/21/12

Featuring Valenian, Sinuppa, A Conscious Divide, our Funeral Forgotten and many more!!  Listen to the show by clicking here. Check out a great video from one of the bands featured on the show, Eve Of Poison by clicking here.

Spotlight: Hip Hop & Rap
1st show Debut 4/21/12

Featuring Trac-Man And Koolboi, Soulja Moe, Lo-Kee, Nice And Ill, and many others!  Here is a vid of Nice And Ill, for the song “She’s Smokin’,” which is featured in the radio program.

Spotlight: Country
1st show Debut 4/21/12

Featuring industry veteran Colin Beale, Terry Bozok, Johnny Maddox, and more!!!  All types of country are featured in this music intensive program!  Click Here for a great video of Terry Bozok recording vocal tracks in the studio, including the tracks “Don’t Touche Me,” and “Lie” which are featured in the Spotlight program and here for Terry’s website.

Spotlight: Singer/Songwriter
1st show Debut 4/21/12

Featuring Nick Estrada, Megan Hickin, Dean Haitani, Pat The Soul Cat, and more!!  Check out this video from Dean Haitani! Great guitar playing!

Spotlight: Christian/Gospel
1st show Debut 4/21/12

Featuring Justin Hitte, Refining Faith, Riptop, and many more exceptional and inspirational artists!

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